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Education in Emergency Program: Transforming lives through academic support for people in forced exile

The Education in Emergency Program (EiE) is an initiative led by the International Human Rights Network Europe (RIDHE), specifically focused on supporting students like Enid González and Máximo Alexander Morales Barrera during situations of forced exile.

The Education in Emergency Program (EiE) is an initiative led by the International Human Rights Network Europe (RIDHE), specifically focused on supporting students like Enid González and Máximo Alexander Morales Barrera during situations of forced exile.

This program is dedicated to providing educational support to individuals in emergency contexts, such as armed conflicts, natural disasters, or forced displacements. Its main goal is to facilitate access to educational opportunities and counteract the adverse effects that these crises can have on the academic development of those affected.

In the case of Enid and Máximo, EiE has not only provided financial and logistical support to complete their studies but has also served as a guide and facilitator at every stage of their academic journey. Additionally, the program has established collaborations with universities in Latin America and Europe, allowing beneficiaries to explore study options both in-person and virtually.

In conclusion, the Education in Emergency Program stands out as an essential tool that, in collaboration with organizations like RIDHE, significantly contributes to the educational continuity of those facing difficult circumstances, providing them with opportunities to advance in their academic and professional goals. Below, we present the testimonials of both students.

Enid González: Humanitarian Commitment in Medicine

Field of Study and Reasons behind the Choice

Enid González, hailing from Nicaragua and residing in Costa Rica since her exile in 2018, chose the field of Health Sciences. For her, medicine is not just a set of technical skills but a daily dedication to serving those in states of vulnerability.

Specific Motivations

According to Enid, medicine has brought out the best in herself, finding in every interaction with patients the necessary inspiration to persevere. Her commitment and daily motivation are fueled by the opportunity to provide warmth and comprehensive care, a purpose that has been amplified thanks to the support of EeE.

Factors Influencing her Academic Perspective

Influenced by medical advances and international initiatives in the health sector, Enid sees her role in medicine as an opportunity to stay abreast of the profession’s constant evolution.

Scholarship Project and Future Aspirations

The EeE program has not only been financial support for Enid but also a beacon of hope that has propelled her towards achieving her goals. With deep gratitude, Enid is committed not only to completing her medical education but also to giving back to the community and continuing to provide services to those in vulnerable situations.

Máximo Alexander Morales Barrera: Overcoming Obstacles Toward Human Well-being

Field of Study and Reasons behind the Choice

Máximo Alexander Morales Barrera, a political refugee from Nicaragua in Costa Rica, has dedicated his life to the study of human medicine. Coming from a family rooted in education, his choice of medicine was influenced by the desire to contribute to humanity.

Specific Motivations

Motivated by the possibility of being an instrument of God to save lives and prevent diseases, Máximo seeks not only to address critical health conditions but also to be a source of relief.

Factors Influencing his Academic Perspective

Growing up in a financially disadvantaged family, Máximo understood from a young age that education was not only the way out of economic poverty but also the key to overcoming poverty of independent thought.

Scholarship Project and Future Aspirations

The scholarship project has allowed Máximo to progress towards the completion of his medical education. The scholarship has not only alleviated financial pressures but has also paved the way for Máximo to achieve his goal of becoming a general practitioner. His gratitude translates into ongoing commitment, planning to contribute to quality healthcare.

The Transformative Role of the EeE Program in Academic Trajectories

These two stories are living testimonies of how RIDHE’s financial and emotional support has been an essential component in their journey towards medicine. The Emergency Education (EeE) program has nurtured their academic development and commitment to the medical profession. The aspirations and achievements of Enid and Máximo are evidence of the vital importance of RIDHE’s support in the educational process of those facing significant challenges. These stories, witnessing the transformative power of education backed by organizations, underscore the ongoing need to invest in human potential and the training of medical professionals who, in turn, will contribute significantly to global well-being.