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What do we do in Latin America & the caribbean?

Capacity building and networking

We aim to develop a support network for civil society organizations in Latin America & the Caribbean who are particularly vulnerable to the region’s socio-political crises. We provide protection and logistical support so that CSOs can continue to carry out their human rights work at national and international level. Our aim is to promote the leadership, capacity-building, and automation of human rights defenders and CSOs who have suffered restrictions on civic space. Our RedProdePaz Nicaragua project has enabled us to develop a methodology that can be replicated for similar issues in other countries in the LAC region.

Working for inclusive and equitable education

The Education in Emergencies program aims to protect, preserve, and restore the right to an inclusive, equitable education for children and young people who find themselves in situations of forced mobility and who face difficulties that affect or limit their progress in school. To this end, we want to develop a virtual platform, Movimiento Social Educativo en Línea, with the aim of bringing together educational institutions working to create solutions for students in situations of forced migration, forced to suspend their studies. In this way, we aim to offer training, exchange, and scholarship opportunities in collaboration with universities in several countries. In addition, we want to introduce a new approach to academic work by providing training for professionals in inclusive education.

Protecting the rights of indigenous and Afro-descendant communities and the environment

We implement activities and projects with defenders and indigenous and Afro-descendant communities to respond to local, regional, and international demands by setting up institutional reinforcement and assistance to promote their rights. We act to defend the right to life, cultural identity, territorial protection, political participation, and non-discrimination. We advocate for the approval of the Bioclima project, to defend access to their ancestral territories and protect their natural resources from exploitation and environmental degradation. In addition, we promote development models that respect their traditional way of life, support women’s automation to strengthen their traditional entrepreneurship, and encourage inclusiveness in education.

Providing psycho-social support

Guaranteeing the psychological well-being of all people, without distinction, is a fundamental right that we wish to promote and propose in our projects. That’s why RIDHE is working with Roca y Agua to address issues related to the education, care, and support of young people, with a particular focus on reducing violence against women and harassment. The Roca y Agua program is an active, collaborative method combining physical exercises, games, and moments of reflection. It helps us to become aware of our automatisms, adjusting them to our well-being.